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The Best Kindergarten

Woman Tutoring Child


At LSIA, all daily activities are conducted in English. In the lessons, you will acquire reading and writing skills in a well-balanced manner centred on phonics, and you will also develop live speaking skills that you can actually use through communication with teachers and friends, speeches and dramas.

In addition, we have provided many opportunities for children to make presentations at events, etc. to give them confidence in speaking English and to show their parents how they have grown up.

Kids Running


Based on barefoot education, in addition to daily activities using a large garden, we also do a lot of PE (physical education).

At LSIA, we also incorporate a lot of ball games and seasonal sports (swimming and ski tours) in order to build a strong and balanced body for children. We will instruct children to be competitive, to work hard, and to grow together with aspirations. In addition, by incorporating dance in Music, we will cultivate children's sense of rhythm and flexibility.

Kids Painting


We develop our student creativity and freedom to express their very own ideas in art. 

Music Class


At LSIA, children are exposed to various genres of music.

Develop children's sensibilities by learning those songs and dances. In addition to Pianica, you will develop your expressiveness by playing musical instruments such as guitars and acting in dramas. The songs and dances learned in class will be announced to parents at events and recitals.

Children's Cooking Class


At LSIA, children grow up with the curiosity of wanting to do anything by themselves, the challenge of trying it for themselves, the sense of accomplishment that can be gained by taking on the challenge, and the process of becoming more interested and taking on new challenges. I think I will let you. Therefore, we have prepared various programs and events that will surprise children throughout the year and allow them to work with interest and shining eyes. (Field Trip, Cooking, Summer / Winter School, Talent Show, Christmas concert, etc.). Let's make memories that will never be forgotten together!

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